Stoke-on-Trent Council Adopts Fairer Charging Policy for Adult Social Care Services

Duncan Walker

In a move hailed as a victory for community involvement, Stoke-on-Trent City Council has greenlit a more equitable charging policy for adult social care services. This decision, reached on Tuesday 23 April, follows a comprehensive 12-week consultation period during which residents actively voiced their opinions on three pivotal policy proposals.

Cabinet members, after meticulous scrutiny of resident feedback, have given the nod to a charging policy that aims to ensure fair treatment for users of adult social care services across the city. The consultation, which concluded recently, provided a platform for individuals under care or their representatives to express their perspectives on these vital policy matters.

The trio of policies under consideration included:

  • Residential Care Charging Policy
  • Non-Residential Care Charging Policy
  • Adult Social Care Transport Policy

This development coincides with the council’s decision to earmark £2.1 million to bolster adult social care fee levels in the upcoming fiscal year of 2024/25. Crucially, the extent of support necessary for service users will be determined through a meticulous process involving Care Act assessments and, where applicable, financial evaluations. Importantly, individuals will not be subjected to charges beyond their financial means.

Regarding transport, charges will be levied based on a daily rate for City Council Transport services. The requirement for payment will be determined following an individual’s financial assessment. Moreover, for residential care, charges will align with the Care and Support Statutory Guidance, with the council conducting financial assessments to ascertain individual contributions.

Councillor Duncan Walker, cabinet member for adult services, lauded these decisions as a testament to the council’s unwavering commitment to providing access to high-quality adult social care services while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

He remarked, “These decisions reflect the city council’s commitment to ensuring equitable access to quality adult social care services while balancing our overall budget position. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback on the proposals regarding a fairer charging system. Resident feedback has been instrumental in shaping the council’s approach, providing valuable insights into people’s needs and priorities. Your response was valued, and this demonstrated a shared commitment to shaping policies that positively impact our community.”

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